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Enhance the security of your business with a comprehensive, customized, & innovative access management solution.


Access control is a valuable addition to all intrusion alarm systems and essential to managing your on-site security. There is no need to distribute keys or worry if they have been duplicated. Control access to your building and any area within your business by setting restrictions by the employee or by a group of employees at any time of the day or night. More detailed restrictions are at your fingertips to allow only certain employees in restricted areas and only at certain times. Indiana Alarm offers managed access control, allowing you to tell us what you want to achieve and have us do all the setup. Leave the programming and the more complicated programming changes to us, and you focus on your business. We proudly serve the Greater Indianapolis Area.



  • Mobile Access & Lock Control – Manage users, adjust permissions, and lock and unlock doors from anywhere with your mobile device.
  • Keycard Readers – Assign programmable keycards, fobs, badges, and more to employees, and track activity throughout your business.
  • One Integrated Solution – Control your entire Security system with the app. Arm your system, view live & stored camera footage, and monitor advanced business analytics—all from one easy-to-use app.
  • Professional Installation – All technicians are professionally trained and certified to install and teach you about your new commercial security & surveillance system. Unlike other security companies, we do not sub-contract.
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring – If a break-in or suspicious activity triggers our monitored alarm systems, we work quickly with you and local authorities to ensure safety and help minimize potential loss.
  • Business Activity Analytics  – Take your business to the next level with security’s advanced activity analytics that includes heat mapping, people counting, occupancy tracking, queue monitoring, crowd gathering, and more.

The Benefits of Access Control for Businesses

Access control for businesses helps to ensure that only people with the necessary clearance are entering and exiting the premises. With Indiana Alarm, an access control system offers numerous benefits to your company and employees, including:

  • Increased Security – Access control for businesses provides an additional layer of security over traditional key-based entry systems. Businesses can reduce the risk of theft and vandalism by restricting access to authorized personnel.
  • Reduced Change of Key Locks – Key-based systems are prone to loss or theft. Anyone with the key can get in. Secure access control systems eliminate the risk with biometric verification and access cards, which may be deactivated if lost or stolen.
  • Improved Visitor Management – With an access control system, you can easily track and monitor who enters and exits the premises, keeping employees and visitors safer. You can even issue temporary cards for visitors or one-time guests, allowing you to keep track of who is on their premises at any given time.
  • Cost Savings – By eliminating the need for locks and keys, businesses can save time and money to maintain their security measures. More advanced access systems often require fewer staff members to manage them, which can help businesses save even more money in the long run.
  • Convenient Access – Traditional access methods are clunky. Keys can get bent out of shape, stuck in locks, or flat-out misplaced. Keep your keyring light and worries lighter with the specialized access control’s secure convenience.
  • Customization – Indiana Alarm’s access control systems allow you to customize your security measures based on your specific needs. For example, you can set up different access levels for different personnel or restrict access to certain areas at certain times of the day.


Let Indiana Alarm Install Your Access Control System

When you invest in an access control system from Indiana Alarm, you’ll take advantage of numerous benefits for your business, including increased security, reduced chance of key loss, improved visitor management, cost savings, and special customization.

With the right system, you can rest easy knowing that Indiana Alarm protects your property to the fullest extent and helps your business reach its goals.

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