Common Camera Recording Issues

Below are common issues that can cause a camera to not record.  

Wi-Fi Disconnected

If your wireless video camera disconnects from the network, which can happen after changes are made to your Wi-Fi password, settings, or a hardware replacement, reconnect the device using AP or WPS mode.

Recording Rules

There is a maximum upload limit on video clips, and if you reach your maximum, then recording rules automatically pause.

Clip Filters

It can be helpful to verify what types of clips are being filtered if some of them are not appearing while searching. The Saved Video page filters out video clips labeled as Other automatically. Video Analytics recordings are sometimes classified as Other because the system could not identify what type of object was detected. To view clips listed as Other, Tap Video, then Saved, then Filter.
  1. In Show, tap on one of the pre-set date ranges or specify a date range of clips you want to see.
  2. In Object Detection, check the box next to Other to enable visibility. brinkshome app object detection settings
    1. Tap Apply.

    Requesting Clips

    If the camera has live view, try manually triggering a clip. If the camera records a clip after one is manually triggered, the recording rule that originally failed to record clips may need to be reconfigured.

    For Video Motion Detection Rules

    If the camera records a clip when one is manually triggered and the live view is working, then the Video Motion Detection (VMD) windows or recording rules most likely need to be adjusted.
    1. choose the times frame when the rule can be triggered.
    2. Choose if you would like to set a delay between camera-triggered clip uploads from the next dropdown menu, and choose the desired duration before another clip can be triggered.
    3. Choose any optional at home settings from the following:
      • • Do not record when the system is Disarmed.
      • • Do not record when the system is Armed Stay.
      • • Do not record when any of the geo-devices are inside geo-fence.
    4. In Video Clip Recipients, click Add if the user wants to receive notifications. Select any entries in the address book to be notified, or click New to add a new address book entry, then click Close.
    5. Verify the recording rule is configured with the desired settings.
    6. Click Save Rule.

    For Video Analytics Rules

    If the camera records a clip when one is manually triggered and the live view is working, the Video Analytics recording rule may need to be reconfigured or recalibrated.

    If the Camera Does Not Record a Clip

    1. Remove and reapply power to the video device.
    2. Request another clip. If the camera still does not record a clip when manually triggering one and live view is working, then there may be a firewall setting that needs to be adjusted. If this is the case, contact your Internet Service Provider to verify the following ports are open. cameras require the following ports to be open for outbound traffic: • 80 (TCP) • 21 (TCP) • 123 (UDP) • 443 (TCP)

    Delete and Recreate the Recording Rule

    If the camera is still unable to record, delete the recording rule and recreate it .
    1. Click Video, then click Recording Rules.
    2. Click the trash can icon to delete the recording rule.
    3. Confirm deletion by clicking Yes on the Delete Rule pop-up.
    4. Click Add New Rule to recreate the recording rule.
    5. Wait a few minutes after saving the new rule, then test the camera recording again. To test, walk in front of the camera to ensure the recording rule is triggered and works as expected.

    Power Cycle the Video Device

    If the camera is unable to record after deleting and recreating the recording rule, power cycle the camera locally by unplugging the power and waiting for 2 minutes. Reconnect the device and test again.