IQ Hardwire 16-F (Small Enclosure)


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IQ Hardwire 16-F (Small Enclosure)

The IQ Hardwire 16-F (Small Enclosure) offers a cost effective way of integrating hardwired security & smoke detector zones with the IQ Panel 2/2+. It includes a small enclosure designed to be mounted in an existing can, backup battery charging, 500mA of 12volt auxiliary power, an onboard siren relay, built-in status LED’s for each zone and support for up to 10 two-wire smoke detectors. Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts are supported as well as powered zones like motion sensors and glass break detectors.



– Small small plastic enclosure designed to be mounted in an existing can
– Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the IQ Panel while still providing support for legacy 319.5 systems
– Supports up to ten two wire smoke detectors
– LED lighted zones for ease of “learn-in” installation/troubleshooting
– EOL supervision using 4.7K Ohm resistors (included) or 1k-10k Ohm depending on Resistor Mode
– Up to 500 Milliamps of power for hardwired motion detectors, glass break detector, and/or sirens
– Charging circuit for back-up battery, fully supervised with power outage recovery

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