ADC-V515—Camera Not Communicating

  • Distance to the Wi-Fi signal source may exceed the maximum range limit.
  • Physical materials may hamper the signal, such as heavy concrete or thick metal walls.
  • Electronic interference may be caused by devices that either emit a similar signal or utilize a significant amount of bandwidth, leaving too little bandwidth for the camera to communicate.
  • Wi-Fi changes, including changing service providers or replacing a router, will require reconnecting the camera with the new Wi-Fi name and password.
  • Address proximity issues by either moving the signal source/Wi-Fi router closer to the camera, moving the camera closer to the signal source/Wi-Fi router, or installing a new signal extender to bridge the gap.
  • For dense materials obstructing the signal, changes in camera placement can improve the connection, such as moving an external camera closer to a window or interior wall. A signal extender may also help with this.
  • If new electronics interfere with camera communication, this is usually apparent when the new electronic device recently changes. Adding a new television, for instance, between the camera and the signal source is a common cause. Adjustments in the placement of either the camera or the new electronic device can mitigate this issue.
  • Sometimes, it is prudent to perform a full reset on the camera in order to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi. See below for instructions to power cycle and reset the camera to factory default.
  1. Connect the camera’s AC power adapter and plug it into a non-switched outlet. If the standard power supply is too short to reach an outlet, see How do I extend the power supply of a camera?.
  2. The camera’s LED will begin to blink white. If the LED is not white after two minutes, hold down the reset button reset_wps_icon_resized.png and release when the LED begins to blink white (about 6 seconds).
  3. On an Internet-enabled device, connect to the Wi-Fi network ADC-V515 (XX:XX:XX) where XX:XX:XX is the last six characters of the ADC-V515’s MAC address, which is located on the camera or on the packaging.
  4. On the same device, open a web browser and enter http://v515install in the URL field. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the ADC-V515 to the Wi-Fi network. The LED will be solid green when the connection is complete.

001.1 adcv515install001 back of cam diagram with wps