ADC-VDB750—Camera Not Communicating

  • Distance to the Wi-Fi signal source may exceed the maximum range limit.
  • Physical materials may hamper the signal, such as heavy concrete or thick metal walls.
  • Electronic interference may be caused by devices that either emit a similar signal or utilize a significant amount of bandwidth, leaving too little bandwidth for the camera to communicate.
  • Wi-Fi changes, including changing service providers or replacing a router, will require reconnecting the camera with the new Wi-Fi name and password.
  • Address proximity issues by either moving the signal source/Wi-Fi router closer to the camera, moving the camera closer to the signal source/Wi-Fi router, or installing a new signal extender to bridge the gap.
  • For dense materials obstructing the signal, changes in camera placement can improve the connection, such as moving an external camera closer to a window or interior wall. A signal extender may also help with this.
  • If new electronics interfere with camera communication, this is usually apparent when the new electronic device recently changes. Adding a new television, for instance, between the camera and the signal source is a common cause. Adjustments in the placement of either the camera or the new electronic device can mitigate this issue.
  • Sometimes, it is prudent to perform a full reset on the camera in order to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi. See below for instructions to power cycle and reset the camera to factory default.

adc vdb750 forward view doorbell button highlighted

  1. Press and hold the doorbell button to access AP mode (flashing white LED). If the LED is not white after two minutes, hold down the doorbell button and release when the LED begins to blink white (about 35 seconds).
  2. On an Internet-enabled device, connect to the Wi-Fi network ADC-VDB750 (XX:XX:XX) where XX:XX:XX is the last six characters of the ADC-VDB750’s MAC address, which is located on the device or on the packaging.
  3. On the same device, open a web browser and enter or in the URL field. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the ADC-VDB750 to the Wi-Fi network. The LED may briefly turn red before blinking green. The LED will be solid green when the connection is complete.