RE524X—Battery Replacement

When it is time to replace the battery in your translator, you will see an alert on your system panel period.

The RE524X translator requires a Ni-Mh 800mAh 6V RE030 battery pack, which can be purchased from Indiana Alarm or a battery store.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Open the cover by lifting the tab on the right side of the translator to access the battery compartment inside the cover.
    001.1a re508x translator cover
  2. Unplug the battery connector from the circuit board, then press the tab on the bottom of the battery compartment to lift and remove from the inside cover.
    001.1b re508x translator inside cover battery in clip
  3. Remove and replace the Ni-Mh 800mAh 6V RE030 battery pack, then return the battery compartment to the inside cover, reconnect the battery connector, and close the translator.
    001.1c re508x translator inside cover battery removed
    The battery can take up to 24 hours to fully charge and the low battery warning may be present until charging is complete. To charge the battery, simply ensure the A/C power is connected to a working outlet while your battery is connected in the panel.