Smart Thermostat

Provide the Next Level of Comfort Get ready to expand your offering and create more engaged customers with the newest Smart Thermostat.’s second-generation smart thermostat offers easier installation, increased remote support, a slimmer form factor and advanced customerdownload 84
features for even more energy-saving capabilities. Provide your customers with the ultimate level of comfort and peace of mind that they can’t get anywhere else.
Machine learning proactively monitors the HVAC system, alerting your to trouble conditions before they cascade into complete system failures, requiring expensive emergency repairs or system replacements.

By intelligently balancing both humidity and temperature set points, the thermostat can help prevent health risks and cleanup costs caused by mold while maximizing comfort. Winter Freeze Protection can alert you before pipes freeze and burst.

Whole-home intelligence helps save on monthly energy costs by automatically adjusting to real-time activity and occupancy changes, open windows or doors, and your geo-location.

Remote temperature sensing makes it easy to optimize your home’s temperature to any room at a specific time: the master bedroom at night, for example, or the nursery at nap-time to ensure comfort and better sleep. Remote temperature sensor sold separately.


It can run on 4 AA batteries with no external power for up to 18 Months. Perfect for older homes that lack modern thermostat wiring.

Speaks the Z-Wave S2 security protocol and connects through your security system. It was designed from the ground up with security in mind.

If you usually control it through the internet and are trying to control it directly, the thermostat may prioritize either set of directions, ignoring a conflicting input.

If so, your network may have been disrupted, requiring you to run “Rediscover the network.” This can be found on the Z-Wave tab (also known as the empower tab) . If unlisted in the app, your system may not support this option. “Rediscover network” will also need to be performed if you have deleted the Thermostat from your panel or App.

Verify if adjusting the temperature manually is interfering with the set schedules. This conflict can cause a thermostat not to respond to manual adjustments. If it does respond to manual adjustments, the set schedule could override it at a later time.

  • Distance between devices should not exceed 100′ to 125′ depending on building construction.
  • For signal range issues, you can install other Z-wave devices to act as repeaters.
  •  Some very old Z-Wave devices cannot communicate with thermostats.
  •  If you experience any trouble while programming your thermostat with your panel using the learn operation, you may need to delete the Z-Wave device and reattempt the learn operation.
  •  Once learned, wait for 2 to 4 minutes for data to transfer.