How to Fix Panel Communication Failure on the Vista

This means your system is not communicating with our Central Station and we won’t receive signals for any alarm activity until communication is restored. Below are possible causes as to why your system is showing a communication failure, as well as some tips on fixing the cause.
  • Make sure your alarm system has power. If you are experiencing a prolonged power outage, the system will come back up when power is restored.
  • If your power has recently been out, the panel battery may be too weak to allow your cell to send signals. Allow 24 hours to recharge the battery.
  • Make sure your plug is connected securely to its outlet.
  • Make sure the outlet is supplying power – you can check this by plugging something else into this outlet to see if it’s receiving power.

If there is an interruption of cell service in your area, your system’s communication could be impacted temporarily. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is connected as a backup in this event.

  • Large metal objects and appliances that generate radio frequency can interfere with signaling. If you identify these objects around your alarm system, try increasing their distance from your system if it’s safe to do so.
  • It’s best if your system is located near an exterior wall, above ground (not in a basement), and not in the middle of a large structure (like an interior closet far from exterior walls).

If your communication failure is caused by a system malfunction, you can try to power cycle the system:

  1. Completely power down the panel and the module.
  2. Wait 2 minutes, then power the panel back up.
  3. Test your system to confirm whether communication has been restored. Remember to place the system on a test to avoid a false alarm. 
  • Phone service outage in your area.
  • You have disconnected your home phone service.
  • You have switched to a new provider.
  • VoIP and Digital Voice Over Cable may not be compatible with your security system. You may need to switch to a different phone service or call us to upgrade to cell communication. With cell communication, you get access to remote arming and disarming from your phone. You also open the door to transform your home with smart automation devices like remote cameras, thermostats, lights, and door locks.
  • Your new provider may not have connected your phone line to your system.
See below to review the steps to power cycle your Honeywell Vista Panel. If communication failure continues, call us at for help at 317-399-5748.
  1. Unplug the 16.5VAC transformer from the 120VAC unswitched wall outlet.  If you can’t seem to locate this transformer you could also carefully remove the wire from AC (either one).  Be careful to not short out the transformer by touching the metal enclosure or any other screw terminal.
  2. Unplug the backup battery located in the metal enclosure.  Just slide either the Red or Black wire off of the clip on the battery.  There is no need to disconnect both the Black and Red, just one.
  3. Ensure the system keypad is dark (no power)
  4. Wait ten seconds then plug the battery back in.
  5. Plug the transformer back in or reattached the wire to AC.
  6. Check system keypad to see that the system is booting back up.  It may take a minute or so to return to its normal display.