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Retail Security Systems: Preventing Indianapolis Theft and Risk

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, in 2022, over 5,000 shoplifting incidents were reported, with a total estimated loss of $5,764,000. The majority of this crime occurred in retail stores (59%), convenience stores (20%), and supermarkets (14%). The overall economic cost of shoplifting in Indianapolis is significant and affects everyone.  Although small retail businesses are cornerstones of their communities, they’re also often targets of thieves. And because they have less capital to invest in security, smaller businesses are often sitting ducks regarding crime. And it’s more than burglary concerning these small to medium-sized businesses. They also have to worry about vandalism, vagrancy, and even violence. Hiring full-time security personnel is not always feasible for most small businesses. But there are proactive ways for smaller retail businesses to stay one step ahead of crime: installing a comprehensive security system and working with a local, professional security company. 

Steps to Retail Security Systems

We’ve been helping Indianapolis businesses for over 20 years. Protect your small to medium-sized business from unwanted intruders and criminal activity with a commercial burglar alarm and monitoring system. Here are some tips from Indiana Alarm for securing your retail store.

A Security Plan

Protecting your small business starts with a comprehensive security plan. Outline the security measures to prevent theft and the procedures you’ll follow if there’s a breach. The store should be well-lit, cash secured, and have surveillance cameras with 24/7 monitoring as part of the plan.


The best way to prevent theft is to put cameras strategically near cash registers and high-traffic areas. It is vital to monitor security cameras and save footage as evidence in case of an incident. The use of cameras also reduces employee theft.

Intrusion and Glass-Break Detectors

Intruder and glass-break detectors add an extra layer of security to retail stores. Intruder detectors alert employees and law enforcement to unauthorized entry into the store. The sound of breaking glass activates glass-break sensors. As well as providing valuable evidence, these solutions help prevent and deter crime.

Access Control

Access control is another crucial security system aspect for small retail businesses. Checking employee IDs and restricting access to more valuable products, equipment, and cash is important. It’s also best to limit customer access to high-value items and products often targeted by thieves.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring a retail store 24/7 provides continuous, round-the-clock security. Monitoring enhances security, improves productivity, and allows remote viewing. A 24/7 monitoring system is an excellent way for retail stores to ensure the safety of their customers, employees, and property.

Secure Your Success

Following these steps will help create a safer, more secure environment for your customers and employees. Indiana Alarm is a locally owned and operated Indianapolis company with a team of skilled professionals. Let us design and install a security solution for your retail store.   Give Indiana Alarm a call today for more information on how we can help secure your small business. 317-399-5748 Contact Us to Learn More