parents with their baby enjoying smart home technologies

Smart Home Technologies: Life-Changing Tech for New Families

New parents spend most of their waking time caring for their new baby. Because of stressful days and sleepless nights, new parents need every bit of help they can get. This is where a home automation system can come in handy. Smart home automation can help new parents find more peace and focus on what really matters: their new and growing family.

Home automation is a fantastic set of technologies that have revolutionized our lives. Just a few years ago, the idea of controlling your lights, heating, security alarms, and more from your phone seemed unimaginable. Today, it’s commonplace. And the benefits of home automation go beyond convenience.

First Steps: Smart Home Technologies Options

When installing a home automation system, there are many options to consider. Here are some features that are most beneficial to new parents:

  • Smart lighting – New parents will find smart lighting systems one of the most helpful home automation options. Being able to turn off lights after the baby falls asleep is a game-changer for new parents. A smart lighting system allows parents to remotely control and schedule their lights. One of the most significant advantages is being able to fall asleep with your baby without worrying about whether you left the lights on.
  • Video Doorbell – A smart video doorbell is another must-have device for new parents. A video doorbell lets parents monitor activity around their front door and communicate remotely with visitors. If you’re a nursing mother or a father who just put his child down for a nap, being able to answer the door remotely saves time and brings more calm.
  • Smart locks – With smart locks installed, new parents can remotely open and lock their doors, open the garage, and let people into the house.
  • Smart thermostats – Smart thermostats are another life-changing home automation technology. New parents will appreciate the ability to adjust and program the temperature on their phones. They can adjust the thermostat, whether at home, away, or under a sleeping baby.
  • Surveillance camerasSurveillance cameras will give new parents a greater sense of security in their home. Having cameras with remote viewing also helps parents worry less about their new family’s security and safety.

Benefits for Baby

Here are a few benefits of home automation offers new parents:


A few years ago, controlling your home while lying with a sleeping baby would have been a fantasy. But now it’s a reality and available to everyone. After you get home automation, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Improved Comfort

With a home automation system, new parents can keep their baby and parents comfy all day and night. When they’re at home or away, they can set their thermostat to adjust automatically. They can even program their lighting to turn on and off at specific times.

Money saver

Home automation also has a lot of economic benefits. By programming lights and HVAC systems, you can drastically reduce energy use in a home. You’ll see a difference in your energy bill right away.

Increased Security

Home automation can help a new family feel safer and more secure. By being able to check cameras, control doors and locks, and watch the property remotely, new parents can rest easier.

What Really Matters

A new baby is a life-changing event with many challenges and even more blessings. A home automation system can make new parents’ lives easier, giving them more control over their homes. New parents can feel more at ease with a home automation system installed by Indiana Alarm.

Let Indiana Alarm show you how a home automation system can help you and your growing family. Indiana Alarms is locally owned and operated and has installed security and home automation systems for decades. Call today for a free consultation, and we can walk you through your options for an automated home system. Call Indiana Alarm today at 317-399-5748.