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Protect Your Pack: How Smart Home System Helps Pet Owners

On average, pet owners are happier and healthier than non-pet owners. Pet ownership’s been shown to improve mental health, lower blood pressure, heart rate, and heart disease risk. Pets give us so much love, and we must ensure they’re taken care of when we’re away. Smart home systems are great for securing your furry, scaled, and finned companions.

Pets fill your life with joy and love

However, sometimes you need to be away from home, and you may want to check in on your new puppy or aging cat. This is when a smart home security system comes in handy, allowing pet owners to check in on their pets from anywhere with an internet connection.

Today, we look at how smart home security systems can protect your pets.

Features for Furry Friends

In so many situations, monitoring your pets while you are away can be beneficial. Pet owners can greatly benefit from a security system in their homes in some of the following ways:

  • Mischief – If you have a young puppy or pet who tends to get into mischief, with security cameras, you can peek in on them during the day. So, if a problem arises, you’ll know much sooner.
  • Pet-sitters – Smart home security systems can let you know when pet sitters come, help let them in, tell you how long they stayed, and if everything went as planned.
  • Health issues – If you have a sick or healing pet at home, you’ll gain more peace of mind by being able to check in on them when you’re away.
  • Intruders – Security systems deter crime and warn you if your pet is in trouble.

Best Smart Home System Elements for Pet Owners

Here are a few smart home security components every pet owner should consider:

Surveillance cameras

Installing security cameras in your home can significantly benefit pet owners. By checking in on their pets, pet owners can ensure they are safe, comfortable, and not in danger.

Fire alarms

A pet owner’s worst nightmare is fire. Keep your beloved pets safe with a top-notch smoke and fire alarm system installed in your home.

Smart thermostats

It’s a game-changer when you can make your winged or furry friend feel comfortable even when you’re away. If you turn on the AC during the dog days of summer or the heat on a cold winter night, you will ensure your animal friends are comfortable and safe.

Smart lighting

Your pets are dear to you, and leaving them in the dark feels wrong. But even if you’re late for home or away longer than planned, you can keep your pets in the light with smart lighting. Make your four (and 2) legged friends feel loved and cared for by setting the lights automatically or controlling them from your phone.

Intrusion and motion sensors

Motion and intrusion sensors are essential for pet owners to be alerted to intruders in their home, ensuring their safety and their pets. But it’s crucial to use pet-friendly sensors to ensure that your furry family members won’t set off the alarm.

A Smarter Home for Safer Pets

You love your pets, and they love you back. Install and monitor a home automation and security system from Indiana Alarm to protect and look after them. You can help protect your pets by installing cameras with remote viewing, smart thermostats, fire detection, and more.

Call Indiana Alarm today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you and your pet with home security and smart home automation systems. Call Indiana Alarm Fire & Burglar Alarm today at 317-399-5748