Concord –Battery Replacement

Follow the instructions below to replace the backup battery in your system’s panel. The Concord Panel requires a 12v 7ah or 4ah battery, which can be purchased from Indiana Alarm or a local battery store. You can call or text a Support Representative any time at 317-399-5748 to order one.


Step-by-Step Instructions: 

  1. Find the main panel (usually located in a closet or mechanical room). Remove any screws from the cover or unlock to open the cover.
  2. Locate the black battery in the bottom of the enclosure
  3. Remove both leads off the battery
  4. Install new battery in the can and reconnect the leads

NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for the battery to fully charge.

Clear the Panel Alert

See instructions below for how to clear the error alert and stop alert beeping on your panel.

1. On fixed English keypads, the keypad beeps and Press Status is displayed on screen. If alphanumeric keypad, the trouble appears as a flashing asterisk (*).

concord trouble display 1 678x205


2. Press * for quick status and to silence trouble beeps, or press * twice for a detailed status, including battery and AC power, and to silence trouble beeps. Note that some Concord systems have voice modules that speak the system troubles.