PG9922—Tamper Error

A tamper error occurs when the panel is reading that the sensor’s cover is not attached properly. To address the tamper error on your DSC PG9922 glass break sensor, follow the instructions below.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Remove the secure locking screw from the bottom of the device, then press the tab on the bottom of the device.
pg9922 open cover bottom tab 1

2. Pull the cover towards you from the bottom out to remove the cover.
pg9922 open cover replace cover locking screw 1
3. Replace the cover starting from the opposite side as from when you removed the cover. Ensure the bottom tab snaps into place and the cover conforms to the base without obstruction. Return the locking screw on the bottom of the device to resecure.
dsc pg9922 glassbreak detector main

If you need further assistance, you can call a Support Representative at any time at 317-399-5748.